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The Workers Compensation Alliance is a statewide coalition of injured workers and other stakeholders committed to protecting the rights of injured workers under the NY state workers’ compensation laws.
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@RickKarlinTU work, but also when they get hurt on the job. #ProtectWorkersComp #WorkersCompFactsNotFiction March 28 2017@RickKarlinTU few $$ more for insurers and a handful of huge corporations. The Gov must stand up for workers not only when they are at /3 March 28 2017.@RickKarlinTU pushed by @BusinessNYS they would be quickly transferred from #WorkersComp to public assistance. All for the sake of a /2 March 28 2017.@RickKarlinTU And what happens to these same low wage, largely immigrant worker when they get hurt on the job? Under the agenda being /1 March 28 2017.@BusinessNYS Loss costs for WC down from 96% to 66% since 2010. Why cut benefits more? #InjuredWorkersFightBack #WorkersCompFactsNotFiction March 28 2017.@BusinessNYS .@TheBuffaloNews Legit conv abt WC must start with honest report of the facts, not unsupported talking points. #factsmatter /6 March 28 2017.@BusinessNYS .@TheBuffaloNews of @BusinessNYS voting to raise costs for the members it is supposed to represent? #DirtySecret /5 March 28 2017.@BusinessNYS .@TheBuffaloNews slightly ahead of '06 - and less than 1996? Omitted. That incr in '16 and prior years was a direct result /4 March 28 2017.@BusinessNYS .@TheBuffaloNews PPD awards cut by 70%, replace only 10% of lost wages? No mention. Employer costs cut 28% in 07-08, now /3 March 28 2017.@BusinessNYS .@TheBuffaloNews Incr in SLU costs based on incr in max rate - in exch for $1 billion cut in PPD costs? Context not offered /2 March 28 2017

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For the past two decades, business and insurance interests have lobbied to cut benefits for injured workers. The Workers Compensation Alliance helps make sure that doesn’t’ happen!

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