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The Workers Compensation Alliance is a statewide coalition of injured workers and other stakeholders committed to protecting the rights of injured workers under the NY state workers’ compensation laws. Learn More
@BusinessNYS @NYWorkersComp https://t.co/kwpszhgbtX This certainly exists for #injuredworkers, since 2010. Just the way you wanted it. June 08 2018The Board also released a new, proposed regulation that would permit injured workers to be represented by law stude… https://t.co/PF1PXfu8AW June 08 2018RT @WILG_1: Two-Thirds of Claim Denials Are Reversed, Lockton Study Finds - https://t.co/pL3sVLfFZf #WorkersCompensation June 08 2018And workers who are injured on the job should have their prescriptions chosen by their doctors, not by a set of gov… https://t.co/18uG3wPo1t June 08 2018And yet if you are injured on the job that's exactly what you get from @NYWorkersComp, via the… https://t.co/eX38UAEUO6 June 08 2018Nationally and in NY it's the same story - #insurance companies attack benefits for #injuredworkers while making re… https://t.co/Z4SSM1PqcJ May 18 2018This year's 11.7% decrease follows last year's 4.7% decrease - a two-year decline in loss costs of a whopping 16.4%… https://t.co/e90YvwHHcY May 17 2018@NYCIRB submits a rate filing for a DECREASE in #employer costs of 11.7% based largely on a decline in claim freque… https://t.co/GjzHJnIKsq May 17 2018PROOF of an argument #WCA has made for years: #workerscomp is not a huge cost to #employers - it is a huge SAVINGS… https://t.co/zSvNbINw52 April 16 2018Our 8th Annual Lobby Day is April 24 - looking forward to talking to legislators about the issues #injuredworkers f… https://t.co/h9DAxuQc8X April 10 2018

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For the past two decades, business and insurance interests have lobbied to cut benefits for injured workers. The Workers Compensation Alliance helps make sure that doesn't’ happen!
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