Information For Workers

To Workers in New York State:

Right now, workers in New York State receive some financial compensation when they experience permanent damage to an arm, leg, hand, foot, or eye. Workers receive this money because they gave up the right to sue their employers for workplace injuries in the original workers’ compensation “bargain.” Workers were assured that as part of this agreement they would be compensated for their injuries through the workers’ compensation system.

As you may have heard, the Workers’ Compensation Board recently released proposals that would drastically reduce and eliminate compensation benefits for injured workers.  The proposals are being pushed by business owners and employers who want to renege on the deal with workers, making sure that they receive nothing for a work-related broken arm, torn rotator cuff, joint replacement, etc.

The proposals are totally unfair and will significantly harm all New York State workers, their families, friends and co-workers. The bottom line is that proposals would take the money to compensate injured workers and give it to big businesses and insurance companies.

The recently released Workers’ Compensation Board proposals are exactly what the big businesses and insurance companies asked for. We must stand together to support New York’s workers and reject these destructive proposals. Please make your voice heard to the State legislature and to the Workers’ Compensation Board by clicking here:

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