WCA Responds to PPI “Revisiting the Reforms”

The “Public Policy Institute of New York State, Inc.” (PPI), an arm of the Business Council, recently released a report titled “Revisiting the Reforms.”  The report contends, in essence, that workers’ compensation is a high cost for employers and that the 2007 reforms increased those costs.  The report refuses to acknowledge the role of the Business Council in developing the 2007 legislation, fails to mention to gross inadequacy of benefits for the fifteen preceding years, and mischaracterizes the cost of workers’ compensation.

            The PPI report is not based on relevant facts or data, and is indeed refuted by information available from CIRB and other sources.  Time after time, the PPI report selectively extracts a specific fact, strips it of all relevant context, and advocates for radical policy changes that would dismantle a primary resource for New York State workers.  When all of the available data is considered in proper context, however, it becomes apparent that employer workers’ compensation costs were declining prior to the 2007 reforms, and have subsequently continued to decline.  In short, the PPI report is a transparent attempt to paint a picture of a crisis that does not actually exist.  What is required instead is greater transparency and accountability on the part of insurers and their representatives, so that proper public policy decisions can be made.

            Accordingly the WCA has issued a response, which available here.

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